Golf Fitness Magizine “Golf Muscle Activation” Article, by PGFA Master Instructor Larry Castro

Golf Fitness Magazines Founder Larry Castro and PGFA master instructor has created a revolutionary new process that is called Proprioceptive Muscle Activation™ or Sports Muscle Activation™.  He has been applying this process to the program that he has developed for golf, Golf Muscle Activation™ (GMA). This has created a new level of teaching, which is producing incredible results.  Additional categories include TMA and SMA, which have evolved for correcting muscular imbalances in the body and improving performance.  This process has dramatically improved functional capabilities in people of all age groups, elevating sports performance and delivering immediate results.  Larry Castro has a private PGFA Performance Studio in San Diego where he research and develops cutting edge programs for athletic Performance.

By performing GMA™, the body will be in better muscular balance and awareness throughout the workout, as well as through the learning session, which allows participants to gain the greatest results from their sessions

The theory behind the method rests upon his proprietary compound training session, which prepares the student to learn, improve performance, and play the game of golf, or any sport.  This process is biomechanically based, and when the body is functioning properly, each muscle will engage on demand without thought, and the body will function very efficiently.

By performing GMA™, the body will be in better muscular balance and awareness throughout the workout, as well as through the learning session, which allows participants to gain the greatest results from their sessions.  Performing the GMA exercises and teaching methods help to also address any inhibitions that may have occurred during a workout or golf swing.  Remember, working out in itself can be traumatizing to one’s muscles. It has been our experience that people who have performed PMA techniques within 24 hours of a workout see an increase in recovery and a reduction in muscle soreness.

The goal of the training is to engage the proper sequencing and firing of muscles for an activity in order to have improved mechanics.  Instructors have always said that their goal is to trigger something during the teaching session that will help the student feel the swing sensation and, otherwise, help develop neuromuscular awareness of the movement.  During typical golf fitness programs I have witnessed the lack of proper simulation of movements, which essentially impact performance and the learning curve.

Now, helping the student to feel that sensation is typically extremely difficult; when one has several factors creating resistance and improper techniques.

Perception and reality do not match. The relationship between what a student thinks he is doing and what he is really doing in the movement.

  1. Physical restrictions that include age, decreased range of motion, lack of strength or postural compensations from various injuries, as well as many other factors.
  2. Never played the game before or learned the game improperly, and the movements are foreign.

There are other factors that come into play, as well.   I have created a progression based on each student that can prepare or change anyone’s swing before he hits a ball.  With our assessment exercise, I am able to quickly determine a golfer’s tendencies and weaknesses.

Prior to actually hitting balls, a golfer’s movement has been prepared, providing proper neuromuscular sensation, strength and stability with proper symmetrical range of motion. That translates to effortless power and unnecessary movements.  All areas of fitness are improved, along with increased club head speed.

Golf demands a large range of motion through various joints.  We utilize our “Golf Muscle Activation™” exercises, along with Fluid Strength™ training and Core Impact Golf™ instruction to teach “Square at Release™” method.  We open up relaxed neuro-pathways and increase neuromuscular communication with proprioceptive muscle activation.  This brain muscle communication allows for proper neuromuscular strength, which increases joint stability and balance.

We take the complex movements in golf, which use every joint in the human body, and make them simple and subconscious. A consistent, powerful, effortless swing is the key, and this is a function of both a skilled movement and one’s body’s ability to perform the movements.  This is a game changer, and teachers and students will see fantastic results. We will change the way the game of golf is taught. . .  .  The United States Golf fitness Association and the Professional Golf fitness Association is offering online certification. Golf Fitness Magazine has agreed to do a series on Larry Castro and his cutting edge programs including Fluid Impact Golf, Fluid impact fitting and his lecture series on a Performance Lifestyle. You may contact at the PGFA Performance Center.

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Golf Fitness Magazine Scholarships

Golf Fitness Magazine along with the United States Golf Fitness (USGFA) And Professional Golf Fitness Association (PGFA) provided a 2 day Golf Fitness Seminar in Salt Lake City, Utah. This included a 8 hour session on Junior Golf Fitness and a training session with Founder and PGFA master Instructor Larry Castro.

Larry Castro explained that there is perhaps no single action in sport that requires more overall muscular strength, joint flexibility, and movement coordination than a perfectly executed golf swing.

That simply no by hitting balls at the driving range won’t increase your mobility or loosen your tight muscles. You need a daily Fluid Strength routine to find comfort on the golf course — and afterward. This can be accomplished at a PGFA Performance Center or through a certified PGFA Professional.

Today’s top young players are leaner, more muscular, and more flexible than the generation of golfers before them. Here are some focal points that were taught and that Golf Fitness clinic by the PGFA Golf Fitness Coaches.

Muscle Strength and Endurance

In golf, it is important to maintain your spine angle for a consistent swing. This means you remain bent or tilted at the hips. This requires sufficient strength and flexibility in your hamstrings, abdominals and lower back. If any of these are weak or tight, you will struggle. The result is often off-centre hits, less distance, errant shots, and post-Golf soreness in the back! Optimal Golf also demands adequate strength in your shoulders and arms, as these connect your golf club with your body’s “core”.

Muscle Balance and Agility

Recently focused in Golf Fitness Magazine article it noted that the golf swing is a motion that involves all parts of your body. Force is transferred from the ankles, to the legs, to the back, to the shoulders and through the wrists. So the smoother the transfer of force – the better. Hence it is important to build “whole-body” exercises into your program, often on unstable surfaces, to encourage “movement efficiency” and coordinated actions between muscle groups. Not only will this add a level of consistency to your game, balance and agility is a key later in life, to prevent falls and similar accidents.

Cardiovascular Fitness – Keeping Body Fat Levels Down

Without a cardio component in a golfer’s training routine, fatigue often sets in and limits the quality practice time required to make lasting changes in the golf swing. Concentration levels also drop towards the end of a game. Tired, unfit golfers practice faulty movement patterns that can take over for correct golf techniques. These improper movement patterns practiced when you are tired may influence you swing when you are fresh and rested.

Get In Shape for Golf! Get In Shape for Life!

Without regular exercise a golfer finds their strength, mobility and agility, so vital to the game, gradually diminish with age. By improving their strength, mobility, co-ordination and aerobic fitness, a golfer can expect to have better control over their body across 18 holes, thus optimizing their swing mechanics and accuracy, resulting in fewer “miss-hits” and lower scores.

So through utilizing the USGFA & PGFA Core Impact Golf and Performance Lifestyle System you will guarantee not only will you look and feel years younger… you’ll also have a good chance to beat some of the younger players you might get paired with! If you want to become certified as a PGFA instructor please visit their website for the Online certification courses and degree programs. Golf Fitness Magazine is also sponsoring 4 scholarships this year and you can apply for those online.

“Two years ago, I was amazed how inflexible I was when I first went through the series of tests at the PGFA Performance Center. One month after starting the program, I was re-tested and had made vast improvement in flexibility and strength. Since then my golf has improved, I am more confident with my body and I have not suffered any injury. I am certain the USGFA & PGFA Golf Fitness program will help golfers of all ages and abilities to reduce their score and swing the club more effectively.”

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