Golf Fitness Magazine

July 18th, 2009

Golf Fitness Magazine along with United States Golf Fitness Association (USGFA) & the Professional Golf Fitness association (PGFA) presented an introduced the “Custom Fit Your Body & Your Swing” Golf Fitness Seminar with Golf Fitness Coach & PGFA Master Instructor Larry Castro.

The USGFA / PGFA program was derived from athletic development. The approach is balanced and covers all areas of improvement through mind, body and all the senses. Training is based on the philosophy of Fluid Strength and Core Impact Golf exercises that are designed to develop flexibility, stability, strength, power, rhythm, balance, in a tension free sequential motion of movement.

The method of development is the same as the world’s best athletes incorporate. There is a chain of development that must be followed to be effective. The first and most important aspect is the assessment. You cannot be effective or achieve your goals without a proper assessment. After obtaining your assessment and in developing a program these factors must be followed in this sequence for success. You cannot obtain Strength if your client has no flexibility or stability etc.:

1.         Flexibility;

2.         Stability

3.         Strength

4.         Power

Additionally of equal importance is to also incorporate in your overall athletic development program.

1.         Mental conditioning

2.         Brain Typing

3.         Nutrition

4.         Ambidexterity Training

5.         Relaxed Concentration Drills

6.         Visualization

7.         Goal Setting

8.         Relationship with Fitness Professional

9.         Fun!!

10.       And More

Every individual is different and they learn differently. This is how the USGFA & PGFA train there Certified Golf Fitness Instructor & Wellness Golf Coaches, as well as early stage training for Junior Golf fitness.  It is important to identify with you clients learning habits and develop programs that are fun and exciting.  The primary goal is to programs that truly “Improve the quality of people’s lives”

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July 9th, 2009

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